Genre: Neo-Folk
Origin: Luxembourg
Status: Active

As a small label specializing in Swedish ambient industrial acts, Cold Meat Industry made an interesting choice in signing Rome, a martial folk project from Luxembourg. Jérôme Reuter has lived up to the label's expectations, however, producing some genre-straddling releases that have a distinctly neo-folk appeal but still somehow sound right at home next to other Cold Meat Industry labelmates.

If one were to imagine a family tree describing the evolution of dark music, Rome might be the common ancestor linking several post-industrial branches, from black ambient to martial industrial to neofolk. All in turn, Reuter incorporates ritual drumming, military cadences, ambient atmospherics, and folksy acoustic guitar strumming, often in the same song. For music lovers who can appreciate the unsettling soundscapes of CMI's showcase artists and the ethereal storytelling of neofolk mainstays in equal turn, Rome is a highly recommended melting pot.


Jérôme Reuter - all
Patrick Damiani - multiple instruments, some arrangement (2008 - )

Patrick Kleinbauer - bass (live shows only)

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Rome Discography

Berlin (EP)
(2006, Cold Meat Industry)
Rome - Berlin
1. Like Lovers
2. The Orchards
3. Une Autre Vision
4. Clocks
5. Wake
6. Herbstzeitlose

(2006, Cold Meat Industry)
Rome - Nera
1. Der Zeitsturm
2. A Burden Of Flowers
3. Reversion
4. A La Faveur De La Nuit
5. Das Unbedingte
6. Rape Blossoms
7. Beasts Of Prey
8. The Blade Unmasked
9. Hope Dies Painless
10. Nera
11. Birds Of Prey
12. Les Hirondelles

Confessions D'Un Voleur D'Ames
(2007, Cold Meat Industry)
Rome - Confessions D'Un Voleur D'Ames
1. Ni Dieu Ni Maitre
2. The Consolation Of Man
3. Le Carillon
4. Der Wolfsmantel
5. Querkraft
6. The Torture Detachment
7. Le Voile De L'Oubli
8. The Joys Of Stealth
9. This Twisted Crown
10. Novemberblut
11. Wilde Lager
12. L'Adieu Aux Anciens

Masse Mensch Material
(2008, Cold Meat Industry)
Rome - Masse Mensch Material
1. Sonnengötter
2. Der Brandtaucher
3. Das Feuerordal
4. Der Tote Spielmann
5. Wir Götter Der Stadt
6. Die Nelke
7. Der Erscheinungen Flucht
8. Die Brandstifter
9. Kriegsgötter
10. Wir Moorsoldaten
11. Neue Erinnerung
12. Nachklang

Flowers From Exile
(2009, Trisol Music Group)
Rome - Flowers From Exile
1. To A Generation Of Destroyers
2. The Accidents Of Gesture
3. Odessa
4. The Secret Sons Of Europe
5. The Hollow Self
6. The Legacy Of Unrest
7. To Die Among Strangers
8. A Culture Of Fragments
9. We Who Fell In Love With The Sea
10. Swords To Rust - Hearts To Dust
11. Flowers From Exile
12. Flight In Formation

To Die Among Strangers (EP)
(2009, Trisol Music Group)
Rome - To Die Among Strangers
1. To Die Among Strangers
2. Reversion (Edit)
3. Wir Götter Der Stadt (Edit)
4. Mourir A Madrid

L'Assassin (EP)
(2010, Trisol Music Group)
Rome - L'Assassin
1. L'Assassin
2. One Flesh
3. Der Brandtaucher (Stringed Version)
4. Der Erscheinungen Flucht (Stringed Version)

Nos Chants Perdus
(2010, Trisol Music Group)
Rome - Nos Chants Perdus
1. L'Homme Revolte
2. Les Deracines
3. Le Chatiment Du Traitre
4. L'Assassin
5. Le Vertige Du Vide
6. Les Exigences De La Foi
7. La Commune
8. Sous La Dague
9. Les Iles Noires
10. Un Adieu A La Folie
11. La Rose Et La Hache
12. Chanson De Gestes

Die Ćsthetik Der Herrschaftsfreiheit
(2011, [Trisol] Music Group GmbH)
Rome - Die Ćsthetik Der Herrschaftsfreiheit
Disc 1
1. The Chronicles Of Kronstadt
2. The Angry Brigade
3. The Spanish Drummer
4. To Teach Obedience
5. The Death Of Longing
6. Our Holy Rue
7. The Night-Born
8. The Pyre Glade
9. In Cruel Fire
10. A Pact Of Blood
11. The Merchant Fleet
12. A Cross Of Wheat

Disc 2
1. The Brute Engine
2. Seeds Of Liberation
3. To Each His Ground
4. Sons Of Aeeth
5. August Spies
6. To Be Governed
7. Families Of Eden
8. Red Years, Black Years
9. Little Rebel Mine
10. The Breaking Part
11. Eagle And Serpent
12. A Cross Of Fire

Disc 3
1. The Conquest Of Violence
2. All For Naught
3. You Threw It At Me Like Stones
4. Automation
5. Time And Tide
6. Dawn And The Darkest Hour
7. Years Of Abalone
8. Petrograd Waltz
9. Disbandment
10. Ballots And Bullets
11. Appeal To The Slaves
12. A Cross Of Flowers

Our Holy Rue / The Merchant Fleet (EP)
(2011, [Trisol] Music Group GmbH)
Rome - Our Holy Rue / The Merchant Fleet
1. Our Holy Rue (10" Version)
2. The Merchant Fleet

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